Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving everyone!  While we haven't even cooked our turkey or mashed any potatoes yet, we have Christmas brewing early in my house. Yesterday, my sweet husband brought in all of the Christmas decorations so we could get started decorating before he has to leave town for work.  He'll be in Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day and I'm not sure what day he'll return home.  In his line of work, delays can push a return date home out 3-4 extra days.  This can be frustrating around the holidays, but very understandable with the work he does.  My husband makes every effort to prepare us when he's going to be out of town for more than a day or two. He will make the time for projects around the house, make time with the kids and I, and he never fails to take out the trash. 

You might see this as just another chore or even trivial, but it's not in my house.  "It's just the trash can, Kim. What's the big deal?"  Very early on in our marriage, Paul and I would argue about who did what chores around the house.  Who's turn is it to do this or that, why isn't laundry done yet, and "can't you see the trash overflowing onto the floor??"  This always ended up feeling like a competition.  Who's job was harder, who worked more hours, who did what last, who got home first, and so on.... Taking the trash to the dumpster when we lived in our first apartment would wear me out after working all day and taking care of our firstborn.  It was quite a walk from our second floor apartment to the dumpster. I finally broke down and told him that my dad always took the trash out and that it was one way he told my mom he loved her.  My parents divorced in 1998.  Paul's parents divorced when he was very young.  Paul and I married in 2000.  He told he would take out the trash from then on.  He knew I wasn't trying to manipulate him.  He knew how hard I worked every day with my job, taking care of our baby girl, cleaning up around the apartment and making sure he had a home cooked meal every night.  We learned a lot about each other back then.  We learned what each other's love languages were.  Nowadays, we have a house and three kids, ages 13, 10 and 5.  Paul never fails to take the trash out on Sunday night so it's always at the curb for pickup on Monday morning.  Just one of many, many ways that man tells me he loves me regularly. Have you told your spouse or that someone who is special to you that you love them lately. If not, you should.  Do it now! 

Paul will leave Wednesday morning for Atlanta to fly out for work.  The Nestle/Purina plant he'll be working at can only be completely shut down when no one is at the plant, like on Thanksgiving Day.  Hopefully, he won't need to be gone through the weekend.  We will need him home to put the star on top of the tree.  That's the only thing he's required to put on the tree, says me.  I love Christmas.  It is absolutely my favorite holiday of the entire year. I love spending time with family, decorating the house and the tree, giving our kids traditions they can hold on to as they grow up and move out, and oh my word, the baking! But, most of all, I love doing all of this with my husband.  I have told him many many times, he is my best friend, my lover, my mate for life, my safe place.  His arms are where I feel the safest, where I can exhale deeply after a long or stressful day.  He is who I can confide in when something is bothering me and he'll give me good advice.  He's where I can be the real me in all my nerdy, messy, sometimes homeless looking glory.  Our kids see us be sweet to each other often, they see us laugh together, disagree and reach a conclusion, sometimes they see us fight. But, they always, always, ALWAYS know that we love each other.

So, while you're sitting around the table this Thanksgiving eating way too much and sharing what you're thankful for, tell those around you how much you love and appreciate them.  Be they family, friends or neighbors, remind them how much they mean to you.  Shoot, tell your postman and trash guy, too!  Goodness knows they don't hear that often enough!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!

God bless you all!

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