Monday, December 2, 2013

Truth From a 5 Year Old

Alyssa: Mommy, you really shouldn't drink that Dr. Pepper.
Me: Why do you say that?
Alyssa:  You're already getting fatter.  You need to lose weight.
Me: (eyes wide...I had no words)
Alyssa: What? It's true.  Shelby said so too. (She's my 13 year old going on 21.)
Shelby: Nice, Alyssa...really nice.  That was really rude!
Alyssa:  No! You said it too!  Mommy, I love you.  I just don't want you to be fat anymore.

This was delivered to me by my sweet faced 5 year old last night after our third (yes, third) Thanksgiving meal. Way to kick a gal when she's down, little one.  But...she is right.  I'm back to post-pregnancy weight from 5 years ago...after I gave her. Two years ago I was within 5 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight. That's a 30 pound difference.  I need to reassess my diet and exercise.  Meaning, I need to cut waaaay back on Dr. Pepper and portion sizes and actually exercise.  Maybe even drink water more than once or twice a day.

Alyssa: I'm worried about you, Mommy.  I don't want you to keep being fat. I love you.

She repeated those words to me this morning while she was putting her shoes on.  I had no response except to promise I would work on it. She seemed genuinely worried.  I remember that feeling.  My mother is obese, so those words struck close to home.  There's just no way I can ignore that kind of heartfelt cry. Albeit, direct....but definitely from her precious heart.  I've got to do something.

Now, to create and implement a plan of attack....that is a LOT easier said than done.  I used to run. Often. Outside.  Me and cold aren't exactly simpatico, i.e, I'm a big, giant wienie when it comes to being cold.  Trying to start up running again in this cold is out of the question.  We have an elliptical machine, but I don't know if I like it. I know this because my hips talk to me every time I have used it.  They protest quite painfully.  My DH recently moved it out of our room into the sun room.  Where it's cold. see how far that's going to go.  Not very.  So....I can give an honest effort where soda intake and diet are concerned, but exercise leaves me with arms up and frustration high.  Running is the only thing I've ever done consistently and done well. 

We don't have the money to join a gym and I've never kept up with anything for more than a week in regards to at home exercising.  As a 40 hr/week, busy mom of three with my anniversary this weekend, Christmas in 3 weeks and my sister's wedding coming up on the 28th, time is just a wee bit tight.

My dad always said, "when time's get tough, the tough hitch up their boot straps and get going!" Time to bite the bullet, kid.  It's time to show the cold who's boss.  I may just have to run regardless of the cold weather.  Rocky did it. That may not be the best comparison, but um, ahem....let's look at what I've found so far.

Here are some tips from Runner's World regarding running in cold weather:

Shape Magazine says running in cold weather is better for you than when it's hot.  Hence, that's why so many marathons are run in the cold. Whaaaat??!!! Check it out here:

WikiHow has these tips on how to prepare for a run in the cold:

Words for the wise from Joe McConkey, Boston Running Center's head coach:

A sweet piece of gear to help get you up and running (I'm not paid to post this link, but I have owned a couple pair of these and swear by them on the ice!!!):

Runner's World breaks down who needs to wear what by which region of the U.S. you live in here:

When is it too cold to run?  Some say never, others say to exercise caution.  And apparently, I love Runner's World.  Here's what they had to say on this issue:

For you who are already running, I applaud you.  For others who are ambitious and want to get started. Here's a link to marathons scheduled across the U.S. for 2014:

I hope some of this inspires you to get up and get moving.  I will have to keep accountable to you and to my precious family on getting myself back out there.  I want to be around for a very long time.  I also want to know how you stay inspired. What keeps you going?  What do you do for exercise?  Leave me a comment or share your story. 


  1. Oh man! That sounds like something I would have said when i was five. Also, Gold's Gym has a $10 a month membership! There's an initial joining fee of about $70 i think, but after that, 10 bucks a month. Might be worth a shot to avoid the cold! I'm just as much of a baby in that dept.

  2. Exercise is important, but diet is they key to losing weight. If you're drinking soda, that's literally liquid sugar. You could try eating less carbs?